129 Essex Street,
Haverhill, MASS
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Giving Tree Yoga & Wellness is a Collection of practitioners & facilitators coming together to learn, educate and heal the mind, body & spirit thru self care & joy.

As a young girl to present day, The footprint made is & embodies a natural born and instinctual desire to form community, create joy and share inspirations.

As we are all practitioners of life, storytellers of experience & beautiful people living on planet earth.

The Center is born from moments in time and is a collaboration of deep passions.
The therapy of movement and stillness, The art of human connection, and the breath which breathes us every day.

Yoga serves as a healing art in many capacities and it is comprised of a myriad of shapes, disciplines and philosophies.

We are an inclusive community sharing Yoga with all people.

We are teachers of yoga for on and off the mat.

We are in gratitude for our practices and the gift is enjoying it with you.